Aluminium and General Fabrication

Exhaust systems offer the ultimate statement of your personality, from high polished stainless steel to matte finish mild steel. From loud and proud, to quiet and discrete.

General Performance

It takes a lot to make a car go right and feel right, the complete performance and personalisation process can have no end so it is important that one person take car of the entire process from start…

Suspension / Performance wheel alignment

At Ramp Auto Group we are passionate about suspension. Suspension is what defines your style, going from high and able to climb the highest mountain, or achieving the lowest centre of gravity with the best handling. Ramp Auto Group offers it all in one place.

Tuning – ECU – CHIP

CPC/ MCChip – DKR See all Cars Recode Rapid chips A perfect tune is usually the final piece to the personalisation puzzle, it is the determining hidden personality that brings all your ideas and dreams to life. At Ramp Auto Group, we offer off the shelve tunes for simple and basic modifications to 100% custom…

Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and tyres are the most important thing on any vehicle, these are the crucial components holding you on the road, pushing you through the mud or getting you that tenth of a second on the track. Not to mention safety on the road. There is no point spending massive dollars on suspension, brakes and power if your wheels and tyres aren’t up for the challenge.